Hustone Branding

Simplifying complex packaging structure

Seeing the demand for good quality spare parts in the automotive industry, Hustone launched its new products to answer this need. From their logo to their packaging, we make sure to create a design that highlights their quality. 

Inspired by the shape of spare parts and machines that are sturdy, strong, and in line with each component, the logo design gives the impression of tough, reliable, and qualified products. The intense green and indigo colors also give them a powerful distinction from their competitors which mostly use blue and red colors.

They have numerous product categories with various different sizes of packaging. Our biggest challenge here is to create a comprehensive guideline of their packaging design system so they can easily apply them to each product’s size and category.

We start by defining all of their products categories to create the structure and packaging system. Then we determine how the graphic elements, size proportions, position, image style, and the information of the product should appear in each package. We ensure to simplify the guideline for their team and still be able to keep the uniqueness of the packaging design.