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Formulate strategy to eliminate commodity rivalry

The sugar intake in Indonesia has been increasing for the past decades. At the same time, the demand for healthier food choices is higher than ever. Sugar, in its pro and contra debate, has its own benefits and goods. To balance these two demands, PT. Pesona Inti Rasa (PIR) introduced Gulavit PIR, the first sugar product that contains vitamins. The name itself is inspired by the value of the product, Gula (sugar) Vit (vitamins), sugar with vitamins. Gulavit PIR offers two variants of sugars, sugar with vitamin A and sugar with vitamin C + D. It comes in several different packs: from sachet to sack, to fill everyone's different needs. 

The Challenge

With the rise of a healthy lifestyle, many people consider sugar as unhealthy. However, eliminating it from our daily consumption is not the solution we all can agree with. Adding to that, people already recognized an existing packaged sugar as the market leader. As a new packaged sugar product, it’s not easy to compete with an established product. So we need to create a design that puts this product in the spotlight and to be easily accepted and recognized by the consumers.

The Solution

Our main purpose is to encourage healthy living that aligns with the brand’s tasty and healthier sugar option to the market. 

Sugar products are a commodity, a daily need. To make it different from the other products, we utilize the additional vitamins to make it stand strong without having to compete with similar products. Additionally, by making it the brand that cares about people’s health, GulaVit answers the need of many people to consume healthy and good quality food products.

To bring the concept to life, we use modern and unique illustrations for the packaging. We create a few sets of illustrations that portray outdoor activities that are fun, healthy, and positive. Aside from that, we also use bright colors to emphasize the difference from the other packaged sugar products in the market. The color and illustration combinations are utilized to show the product variants. When shown on the supermarket shelf, together they create an interesting appearance and a powerful story that connects each variant. 

We know how important every single area of the packaging is, so we ensure to make use of the back panel space to inform the benefits of the vitamin variants of the product with fun illustrations.