Promote well-being by providing premium organic products

After successfully entering the B2B international organic market for years, Manna corporate decided to launch its new retail brand - Manatura, to spread its wings into the B2C market. They specifically produce and distribute premium, organic, and natural agricultural products. Seeing the rising demand for healthier food ingredients, it is the right time for Manatura to introduce organic products options to consumers.

Since we previously designed Manna’s brand identity, they trust us to rejuvenate the brand’s visual and communication identity for Manatura; including their logo, packaging, website, as well as their e-commerce site that focuses on the B2C market. Inspired by their corporate brand, we choose to use Manatura as their retail brand name, derived from Manna - which means food from heaven, and Natura to represent the natural ingredients of their products.

We design their logo, packaging, website, as well as their e-commerce site that focuses on the B2C market. Their primary target market is the upper class who cares about their well-being. Choosing the right color combination is the key to showing their premium and organic quality at affordable prices. The golden color that we use in the logo portrays its premium quality. Along with a simple yet clear overall design, it emphasizes the natural benefits and the inclusiveness of the products. By using the hand illustrations, it highlights the natural impression of their products. We use the same color combination for their export and retail packaging to have a consistent brands voice.

Manatura has both national and international organic certification, which is very beneficial to show its commitment to providing organic products to the market. We make sure to display this certification on their website homepage and the packaging to elevate a powerful first impression. With a minimalist premium design combined with a strong commitment to providing ongoing organic products, Manatura already creates significant brand communication to invite everyone on a healthier journey.