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Geodipa 2018 Annual Report

A design to represent a strong commitment to transparency

PT Geo Dipa Energi is a part of BUMN (a State-owned Enterprise) that manages geothermal as a source of electricity. To fund their projects, GeoDipa conducts several business events with many parties. It’s vital for them to establish harmonious cooperation and relationships to implement the principles of honest and good management. By providing the annual report, GeoDipa commits to practicing transparency and takes responsibility for its business fundings.

In 2018, we are trusted to work with them in designing their annual report that aligns with the company’s mission. Going from their “Sustainable Growth” tagline, we choose a simple, minimalist, and clean design which at the same time depicts its transparent working environment.

Since the annual report shows numerous tables and infographic data, we make sure to design it in an interesting way that invites people to understand it clearly. We choose to use the green color for the overall design to strengthen the company’s image as the renewable energy provider that is committed to growing and evolving. With a clean and straightforward annual report design, GeoDipa shows its dedication to being a trusted BUMN.