ClientsIn-Docs & Tifa Foundation

Aku Siap Bersikap Campaign

Invite people to take part wisely and responsibly

Approaching the 2019 Indonesian Election, the tension is very high between the opponents of the two parties. Hoaxes and hate speech seem to be inevitable during this time. Tifa Foundation, an organization that promotes an open-minded society, creates a campaign targeting the youth to invite them to oversee differences and join in unity. They collaborate with In-Docs to reach a wide variety of target audiences. The campaign is called #akusiapbersikap (I’m ready to take part). 

The aim of #akusiapbersikap campaign is to strengthen the union and the tolerance between the Indonesian community so we are not easily provoked and are wiser to filter the news. We design the campaign brand and all of the additional elements, including their website and social media details.

The challenge:

We want to be a part of this campaign without sounding too political. The message of the campaign has to be clear and all-inclusive. We need to make sure that their online presence, both website, and social media is powerful enough to be seen and heard. And along with that, they need their offline appearance, such as workshops and exhibitions, to reach as many targets as possible. 


The solution:

To effectively reach the youth target in the Indonesian community, they collaborate with illustrators, artists, photographers, musicians, and filmmakers. We choose the bright magenta and lemon yellow colors to have that dynamic and modern feeling which resonates with the energy of the youth.

Combining the artists’ illustrations with our dynamic design, the campaign stands together with the youngsters in a friendly progressive atmosphere.