Kaila Skincare

Natural goodness for healthy skin

Most women love to have beautiful, healthy, and bright skin. There are many brightening products out there in the market, but only a few offer natural ingredients. Listening to this demand, PT. Multi Indo Citra launches the Kaila Lightening Skin Care Body Lotion series. Formulated with 8 natural essences; Seaweed, Macadamia, Calendula, Chamomile, Wheat, Avocado, Jojoba, and Yam Beans. They offer fresh and natural scents that are healthy for the skin.

We design their brand identity and their packaging based on their natural values. Our main focus is to show these lotions’ premium quality and the benefits it contains.

With numerous existing body lotion products in the market, we have to create a prominent design that can steal the consumers’ attention. To have a different positioning with the other competitor brands, we build up the benefits around natural, brightening, and premium. We use a slim white bottle to strengthen that unique selling point, giving it a natural and feminine impression. Using a few sets of watercolor illustrations, they aim to highlight the premium quality. The final recipe to this thoughtful design process is the modern pastel colors to make them more appealing to the younger women as their target market.

We create such an extraordinary back panel design, not just to show the value of each natural essence it contains, but also to make it more enjoyable to read. Making the whole experience meaningful and creating a strong bond between the consumers and the products. The whole design component in Kaila Lightening Skin Care Body Lotion distinct them from the other lotion brands, and fits the spot of natural ingredients awareness in skincare products.