ClientsIn-Docs & Bekraf

Docs by the Sea Branding

Leveling up the documentary film in South East Asia

In-docs is an international NGO focused on creating a supportive environment for documentary filmmakers. Together with BEKRAF, In-Docs created a documentary film event - Docs By The Sea, that takes place in Southeast Asia to obtain international co-productions, broadcast commissions, funding, distribution, festival selections, and opportunities to jump into bigger international documentary film associations.

Making documentary films requires a lot of time and funds. The main purpose of this event is to level up the quality of documentary films by connecting the filmmakers, the mentors, and the funders. Synchronized with their project brand, they consistently have their annual event by the sea. The “SEA” in their brand’s logo is also an abbreviation of South East Asia.

We create the letter “S '' similarly to the shape of waves and depict a ladder to emphasize the intention and goal of this event: to grow and to enhance the quality of documentary films. The connected letter of the two “S'' and the “Y” in the middle portrays the event as a meeting point for filmmakers, producers, and funders. While the letter “O”, distinguished in orange color, represents the lens and the projector, two fundamental elements in creating the films. All the design elements and color combinations are in harmony to present the event at a single glance.

We design the event’s brand identity, visual, and communication; the event's logo, website, social media as well as the guideline, banners, souvenirs, event book, and merchandise. Their website is our main focus as it’s used as the primary portal for film online submission. So we keep on updating and refreshing their website every time they organize an event.