Scope of Works PACKAGING

Pigeon Teen

Depicting age-appropriate beauty for teen girls

Pigeon Teen is the sub-brand product of Pigeon which focused on teens’ skincare and make-up. We’ve been working with Pigeon Indonesia to rebrand their Pigeon Baby product, and we have another opportunity to work with them to redesign its teen product.

Inspired by their tagline – “Be-youth-ifull”, which can be translated as “be your own kind of beautiful”, we want to emphasize their beauty products that fit the teens’ skin types. We choose to modify the Kokeshi doll as the character in the illustration to portray the pure and innocent phase of their target market. The pastel colors highlight the softness and gentleness of the products which perfectly suits the target market’s age.

This design applies to their powder, compact powder, two-way cake powder, facial wash, and moisturizer. Each of these products has its own icon to differentiate each type clearly and for the consumers to easily choose what they need. It’s simple and yet perfectly captured the voice of the brand.