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The Cathedral Museum Jakarta

Conserving historical and spiritual values

The Cathedral Museum is a significant part of the Jakarta Cathedral, it displays the church's historical values and valuable collections related to the development of the Catholic churches in Indonesia. Previously located on the second floor, it’s now moved next to the Cathedral’s main building. Cardinal Mgr. Ignatius Suharyo inaugurated the Museum on November 14th, 2018. 

We’re trusted to design the brand identity of the Cathedral Museum which aligns with the overall Cathedral identity that we’ve created earlier. We have only 2 weeks to finalize this design to get it ready in time for the inauguration. Since the museum was under renovation at that time, we have to create a design that can develop and grow throughout the process. This museum is still undergoing a renovation process. Since it’s not yet finalized, the design will be adjusted to their budget for the renovation along the way. The most challenging part of this project is we need to adjust to the limited space, time, and budget.

The logo of the Cathedral Museum is using the same logo that we designed earlier for the Cathedral - the neo-gothic building itself. What differentiates the Cathedral Museum logo is the ochre color that we choose to represent the museum’s vigor in carrying historical valuable lessons throughout the time. Similar to what we worked on for the Cathedral’s identity, we also complement the Cathedral Museum identity with several graphic elements inspired by the church’s details, like the stained glass and the symbols around the church. The different color also helps to separate the Cathedral and the Museum area.

Since the museum is still under semi-construction, we make sure to design the graphics information and signage system that fits into their budget and is easy to be renewed once the museum is fully ready. We work together with the museum management to prepare the information and images that need to be displayed. To solve the space limitation, we use the walls around the Museum to display their historical information, including the information on the development of Catholic churches in Indonesia and several valuable artifacts.

We finalized all the temporary designs before the inauguration, despite the time, space, and budget limitation, we made it through and we’re proud that everyone involved is satisfied with the end result.