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Continue to innovate and transform through the changing times

Laksana is one of the biggest bus coachworks in Indonesia. They have more than 40 years of experience in this industry. As a family business, it’s now managed by the third generation. Ever since 2012, they trust us to rebrand their identity as an innovative bus coachwork builder and to develop their brand communication along the way.

Seeing that it is an ever-growing and evolving company, we choose to use the “Infinite Innovation” tagline to fully represent the company’s vision. This tagline is the fundamental base for their visual identity and communication throughout their offline and online presence. To flow with this theme, we create their logo with modern and sophisticated design along with their company profile, stationery, website, brochure, etc.

We certainly want to show their quality through their brand persona, so we choose a dark-toned color with bold font representing the masculine, strong, modern, and elegant bus designs they offer. It is what makes them different from the other competitors. By utilizing their website and social media, along with automotive exhibition events, we successfully communicate the brand within the same consistency which eventually grab the bus community’s attention. It is essential for bus coachwork builders to have their own fans among the bus community and we can say that Laksana now has loyal fanatics. With consistent branding communication, an improvement in the quality of their products, and the enthusiasm from the bus community, Laksana holds an important position in the industry and is therefore trusted to handle big projects from the Indonesian government as well as international institutions.

Branding is supposed to evolve together with the changing of times, so we always periodically update and rejuvenate the brand image and communication, in all of their online and offline presence, to keep up with the changes. At the same time, we also help them design their booth, calendar, and every design they need for their annual exhibition event. For us, branding is a continuation – where we can build trust and grow together.