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Blasters Mintz Fusion

A Cool Twist on Hard Candies

Blaster, renowned for its distinctive hard candies adorned with unique striped patterns and flavorful fillings, introduces a refreshing addition to its line-up—the Mints series. Geared towards the same youthful audience, this release is a collaborative venture with Mintz, a mint candy brand under the same company ownership.

In this design, we've subtly tweaked the Blaster brand identity, opting for a primarily blue color scheme to mirror the invigorating barley mint flavor synonymous with the Mintz brand. The packaging design features prominent candy illustrations, evoking the sensation of a robust and enticing mint taste. Against a backdrop of ice-capped mountains and lively illustrations of people skating, the presentation exudes dynamism and vibrancy, inviting consumers to experience the brisk freshness of the Mint Blaster series.