Kencana Energy

Renewable energy for brighter today and tomorrow

Kencana Energy is an electricity renewable energy private company. Compare to the other public and private electricity companies that are conventional, we help to build their position to carry a distinctive vision with a more modern and dynamic working environment. They want to create a powerful appearance that emphasizes their quality and differentiates them from other similar companies. We design their brand visual along with the visual elements that perfectly portray Kencana Energy and its vision. We work on their website, profile book, profile movie, stationery, merchandise, bumper animation, invitation, and uniform which they can apply to the whole brand component, both regular and launching purposes.

Inspired by the symbol of electricity wave and the stream of water, we create their logo by coalescing these two symbols to magnify their dynamic impression that is always open for changes and opportunities. The logo depicts such harmonious movement that represents their mission to work with big stakeholders in becoming the largest renewable energy company in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The color of the logo derives from the meaning of Kencana itself which means gold. Combine with dark purple color, to resemble maturity, trust, and professionalism.


When it comes to designing their profile book, we make sure to create a powerful impression to introduce the company to potential investors. To make it brief and clear, we make it simple, modern, and elegant which can show their overall company vision and mission as well as their potential. We use some of their power plants' locations to show the investors about their business scale and potential.


Apart from their logo and profile book, we include graphic elements to enhance their visual identity to create a powerful impression to both their investors and consumers. The lines that we use for their graphic elements are to portray the water and electricity waveform. The profile movie is shown on their website homepage to get the attention of the visitors and make it a meaningful experience to remember. Simple yet modern - making them an established and professional company.