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Serving home-cooking product with exquisite design

Everyone enjoys delicious food, even more, when it’s healthy. Rasanata, a home cooking food delivery service, offers delicious tasty roasted chicken with no preservatives and no MSG. They offer 2 variants of finger-licking roasted chicken; oriental and rosemary lemon.

We design their brand visual; website, packaging, and social media, to maintain consistent communication throughout all of their online platforms. Additionally, we create Whatsapp stickers to enhance the communication experience between them and their consumers which creates a joyful feeling. We intentionally want to create a strong family-like bond between Rasanata and its consumers. Since it’s not in a form of a restaurant where consumers can see what they sell in person, we optimize the access to their products in all of their marketing funnel.

The brand logo is using a simple color with a clear illustration of who they are and what they offer. It highlights the brand’s strong will to deliver tasty and healthy home cooking to fulfill mothers’ needs in caring for their families.

Since product photos are important for an online business to convey the quality of their products on social media, we also help to style and photograph their home-cooking products. The main theme of their product is family dining together, and that’s exactly what inspired us to create their whole brand identity and voice. The overall design aims to represent the great taste of this home-cooking that makes them drooling and willing to try.