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Merdeka Battery

Modern Branding for a Sustainable Mining Future

Merdeka Battery, a subsidiary of Merdeka Copper Gold, embodies the mother company's identity by adapting the batik parang symbol, which symbolizes continuity and sustainability. This cultural symbol remains a distinctive aspect of Merdeka Battery Materials. The added leaf symbol represents the company's vision to excel while preserving the environment.

The meticulously crafted logotype is tailored to emphasize the company's technology-focused, robust, and detail-oriented approach, lending it a distinctive and modern flair.

A vibrant palette of bright colors against a dark blue backdrop mirrors the company's vision for a luminous future, anchored by a reliable and experienced management team. The Tosca color signifies Merdeka Battery's prowess in nickel production, while green echoes its dedication to environmental conservation.

We design unique supporting graphics, such as illustrations of rocks, leaves, and so on, to show the unique identity of Merdeka Battery. Elements of stones and leaves, with a particular style, show that the company pays attention to environmental sustainability and the welfare of employees and the surrounding social environment. The design looks very modern to establish a dynamic company in changing times.


In a brief period, we achieved the successful completion of the Merdeka Battery branding for its upcoming public offering in 2023. This all-encompassing design overhaul spans the creation of the logo, website, company profile, and corporate movie.