Ashoka Gaharu Branding

Fostering Change from the Roots

Ashoka, a catalyst for global positive change, has established specialized initiatives tailored for young individuals and families. Recognizing early engagement's profound impact, especially within families and among the youth, Ashoka introduced the Gaharu program—a name derived from the Gerakan Pembaharu (Reform Movements).

Our creative journey involved crafting a distinctive visual identity, including the logo, supporting graphics, and diverse application designs, to set the Gaharu initiative apart from other esteemed Ashoka programs. The choice of vibrant hues, complemented by Ashoka's signature colors, infuses the design with a lively and bold spirit, mirroring the dynamic essence of the young audience.

To further connect with their daily lives, we introduced a collection of stickers seamlessly integrated into popular communication platforms like WhatsApp, fostering community engagement. In addition to the visual elements, we developed a series of dynamic illustrations portraying young people's diverse personalities and backgrounds. These illustrations inject life and energy into the design, creating a visual narrative that resonates across various demographics.


Maintaining Ashoka's overarching identity as the organizing force, we ensured that each program under the Ashoka umbrella boasts a unique design. This approach highlights the dynamic nature of each initiative and unifies them under the Ashoka umbrella, fostering a sense of cohesion and purpose.