Scope of Works PACKAGING

Eucaplytus oil with aromatherapy

Rejuvenate an established brand without losing its identity

Cap Lang MEA (Minyak Eucalyptus Aromatherapy) is one of the products from the widely known Cap Lang brand. It’s a eucalyptus aromatherapy oil with 4 different fragrances: original, lavender, rose, and green tea. Our main work is to rebrand Cap Lang’s sub-brand to make it stand out and to reach a younger target market without having to lose its fundamental identity.

The challenge:

This product is the sub-brand of Cap Lang which uses eucalyptus as the base oil with an addition of aromatherapy. Unlike their cajuput oil product which targets the older generation, they hope to attract the younger target market with this eucalyptus aromatherapy product. They’ve been using the same bottle for their cajuput oil and eucalyptus oil products, the only difference is on the caps, so their consumers can’t differentiate between cajuput and eucalyptus oil. 

The solution:

To be able to meet the middle ground between keeping their famous packaging and making it more modern and appealing, we create new illustration designs that integrate with their existing packaging. We still keep their trademark bottle with just a little bit of adjustment. To make the eucalyptus more distinguished from the cajuput, we use different colors for the bottles & the caps. By maintaining their trademark and complementing it with a label design that’s fresher, aromatic and modern, their existing consumers easily recognize their new products.

We apply different color combinations for each variant to create a strong identity and to assist their consumers in choosing the desired fragrance. Conventional doesn’t have to look negative and boring, we make sure to maintain and adjust the conventional into something more appealing and trusted.