Tango Walut

Creating a fun and friendly branding for young market

Tango is a well-known Indonesian wafer snack produced by Orang Tua Group - one of the biggest consumer goods companies in Indonesia. They trust us to design a brand identity and packaging for their new sub-brand product; a chocolate-coated wafer with a variety of fruit flavors cream. The first flavor variant to launch is the choco banana. We start with finding a suitable catchy name for this sub-brand product. After a session of brainstorming ideas, we come up with the name WALUT, which simply stands for “WAfer BersaLUT” (coated wafer).

Kids and teenagers are the target market of this product, so we create the design to be fun and joyful. We use a freestyle font logo that resembles the delicious chocolate as the main ingredient. To add to it, we create a friendly monkey character named Mumu as the icon of the product and therefore used it as the brand visual throughout their communication platform. The overall design looks fresh, dynamic, and fun which very much relates to kids and teenagers.

It is quite challenging to bring this design onto their packaging. It has limited space with a long yet narrow surface, making it tricky to add all the design elements. To overcome this challenge, we use special digital imaging to show the wafer and creams layer, with chocolate splashes, which creates a more appealing look. We use more than just a digital image of the flavor,  just like in this choco banana packaging, we add the yellow color as the background to emphasize the flavor variant with such a pop of color. The design interface is made horizontal and vertical to easily display them on the supermarket shelf.