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Preserving Indonesian heritage tea in a modern design

Takokak has become one of the leading tea farming regions in Indonesia since 1906. The plantation is located in West Java, at 1,200m above sea level creating specific water and soil. Being managed by experts for generations, Takokak undoubtedly offers great quality fresh tea leaves in such a distinctive aroma and flavor. Inspired by this quality, Takokak Win’s Tea is here to make the tea available for everyone to enjoy. We design their brand identity based on the concept of Indonesia Heritage Tea, to continue persevering with the legacy.

Takokak has a very special daily tradition of drinking tea. They call it “nyaneut” which derives from Sundanese “nyandeutkeun" meaning to connect or to draw closer. This is the habit of the tea farmers in Takokak where they gather to drink tea and talk about agriculture, plantation, or general life. It becomes our source of inspiration for designing their brand identity and packaging.

We design their brand identity and packaging with illustrations of a few characters who dressed in traditional Sundanese clothes to represent the concept of heritage, and we choose poster stye illustrations with a bright combination of colors to give it a touch of modernity. There are many tea products with conventional designs in the market, we want this product design to be different and steal the spotlight while at the same time can attract a younger target market.

After doing some explorations to finalize this design, we input the “nyaneut” tradition in the illustration where the characters are clearly shown smelling and enjoying their tea. We specifically pair the characters on the front and back panel, as well as facing each other. It portrays that you can enjoy drinking alone or together. Also, when being displayed on the supermarket shelf, each package looks intentionally connected to the other.