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Nature inspired fashion brand

Inspired by the patterns and the beauty of nature, Naranaya offers a range of clothing products with a chick, casual style, and top-notch quality materials for women. From clothes to canvas bags, it gives a new color to the Indonesian fashion industry.

We design its brand concept and elements for the logo, packaging, and business card. Starting with choosing the color combination, we choose the green sage color to emphasize the natural, classy, and elegant feeling of the brand. We mimic the abstract textures from nature to add to the design elements, such as woods, plants, water, and air to be implemented on their packaging. It creates a consistent, unique, and harmonious brand identity.

Using the organic font for their logo also builds a flowing pattern that when combined with other design elements, portrays the simple yet natural cohesion of its brand voice.

“Express your divine beauty” is their powerful tagline that aims to boost women’s confidence by wearing beautiful and comfortable clothes, as well as to invite them on a journey of self-appreciation of their natural beauty. A brand that empowers women and appreciates nature’s beauty with distinctive style.