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Creating a unique, dynamic and consistent visual system

Ashoka is an international NGO focused on identifying and helping social entrepreneurs, who are not only businessmen or businesswomen, but also non-working wives and mothers, as well as college students, to change the world for the better. They believe that everyone in every corner of the world can contribute to bring positive impacts to their community. They call them the Changemaker. 

We work together with Ashoka Indonesia to improve their key visuals in their online and offline presence.

The challenge:

Ashoka has a particularly basic and formal brand guideline that doesn’t resonate with their organization’s personality. They have such varied target audiences: governmental institutions, corporate, young generations, and families, which spread from the village to the city. To communicate effectively with their audience, they need a dynamic yet consistent voice. Aside from that, they also need numerous design templates for their presentation documents, prints, and social media, events, etc, to keep the brand’s consistency. With them not having an in-house designer, we need to figure out the easy-to-apply design templates that their team can utilize.

The solution:

Since they’re an inclusive organization with a large target audience, we make the illustrations dynamic and friendly, unique but not too artistic. We make sure to show the maturity of the brand since they’ve been building and developing this organization for a long time.

To create dynamic visuals, we design a few sets of graphic elements: the modern style of illustrations, various geometric details, and several stickers for a more dynamic application.

We also prepare the design elements and assets into a number of formats, Microsoft and Canva so their team can easily apply them to different kinds of applications. These assets can facilitate Ashoka in keeping their brand’s consistency without sounding tedious.