Ahead of the 2019 Indonesian Election, a lot of friction had arisen due to the differences of opinion in politics. The societies were faced with a lot of news that was partly questionable, such as hoaxes, and also the spread of hatred. 

Concerning this issue, Tifa Foundation, an organization that promotes the realization of an open society through cooperation on strategic issues with various civil society organizations in Indonesia, both at the national and local levels, with In-Docs, a non-profit institution that is committed to cultivating a culture of openness through documentary film, together they create a campaign program which invites the society to be wiser in responding to these differences, namely #akusiapbersikap campaign. 

We designed the campaign brand and the collateral design, including the website and social media material for this campaign. The design uses bright contrast colors to attract young targets that very risky for these hoaxes and hate speech. This campaign also collaborates with illustrators, artists, photographers, musicians, and film-maker to reach the targets.


Project: Campaign Design

Year: 2018

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