Pigeon Teen Packaging Design

Pigeon is a Japanese brand known for its quality for its baby products. In Indonesia, the brand also has a product line for teenagers called Pigeon Teen. We rejuvenated the design for this brand.

The challenge is how to look different in the midst of the rise of cosmetics brands for teenagers. The positioning for this brand is for teenagers who don’t like to have heavy makeup but still want to be pretty and have concern for healthier skin for their age. The concept for this brand is “Your BeYouthyful Journey”.

We create a series of characters to differentiate each category, using a cute and innocent character with a clinical look to represent the concept. With pastel color and simple design, it looks very soft and safe to use. It is also more favored to the mothers that still have dominant contributions to make the decisions for their teenagers. The client surveyed to ensure that the new design was in line with the brand’s rejuvenation goals. Our packaging design uses doff finishing and spots UV in several areas to give a more elegant look.