The consumption of sugar in Indonesia is very high, PT. Pesona Inti Rasa (PIR) offers a plus value by adding vitamins to its sugar product. The kinds of the vitamin are different based on the variants of the products. There are sugar with vitamin A and also sugar with vitamin C + D. For the size, they are available in 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1 kilogram. The name GulaVit PIR itself explains the plus value of the products.

PT. Pesona Inti Rasa (PIR) is the pioneer in producing sugar with vitamins. We use an icon to communicate that information. The resulting product is certainly not only sweet but also contains vitamins that become a unique selling point (USP) of this product.

Since it is targeted as premium sugar, different from any other sugar products in the market, the design of the packaging is made in a unique way that portrays the benefits of the products. Most sugar packs on the market use sugarcane as the main image. We take a different approach, using illustrations of some fun activities in the outdoor area to portray a healthy and cheerful impression. Illustrations of various activities on the packaging will look attractive when it is displayed on sales shelves. We want to build the GulaVit PIR brand synonymous with healthy and cheerful, for a younger and modern market that concern about a healthy lifestyle.

We use colors and illustrations as a distinctive packaging system. The design is applied to several different sizes. The back of the packaging still becomes our attention while designing it. Information regarding the benefits of vitamins is accompanied by a supporting illustration added to the back panel.


Project: Brand design & packaging GulaVit PIR 

Year: 2020

konsep desain logo kemasan gulavit