Dapur Solo Identity & Packaging

We developed brand for traditional restaurant, Dapur Solo. We have designed their menu book, packaging, brochures and website for several times, along with the growing of the restaurant.

Traditional cuisine is often associated with long and less clean presentation. Initial conditions of this restaurant is like canteen and yet have a strong identity. In addition, they developing a lunch box business that has a different target market with the restaurant, so it requires different treatment.

Starting with name search, followed by identity design, as well as its application in the menu book and lunch box that shows the traditional elements that have been modernized. This is done in conjunction with changes in the interior design of the restaurant and a more structured management. Dapur Solo is then able to be society's choice of traditional dishes with modern presentation. From year to year, we refresh the design of the book menu and packaging Dapur Solo to reinforce their branding. Also to address the needs of their business expansion in catering the lunch box.