Karyadeka Corporate Identity

Karyadeka is a group of companies with various business fields, ranging from property, health, education, plantations, and et cetera. As a group, they need a strong identity that represents their vision as a trusted and experienced company. This identity should be suitable for each business category.

The logo symbol is inspired by the number of main directors, 5 people, as well as the main values ??that they implement to run the companies; Quality oriented, Professionalism, Solid, Enthusiasm, & Commit to the long run. Also, if you notice, the symbol is represent their name KD (Karyadeka)

We design the logo symbols with a firm but friendly and strong form. Black was chosen as the color of Karyadeka’s identity, to show their professionalism. In addition, black is also has become one of their identity from the beginning of the company.

Designata Studio works on their corporate identity, stationeries, signage, websites, and other additions.