Rebranding Katedral Jakarta

The Cathedral Church is an iconic building in Jakarta because it has a historical value which is very valuable both for the development of Catholicism as well as its role as a place for the preparation of the Youth Pledge (Sumpah Pemuda). This church, which has been established in 1901, has a distinctive neo-gothic design from Europe; until now it still operates as a place of worship for Catholics.

Before designing, we studied history, the unique forms of the church, the public's view of the church, et cetera. It was not an easy thing to unite all the history, religious values, details of the church, and the vision and mission of the cathedral church in the future in one identity. After exploring various visual concepts and in-depth discussions with the Church Board of Directors, finally, the logo, which was considered to be the best representation of the identity of the Cathedral Church, was chosen.

The logo design with a gothic base that characterizes cathedral buildings, with a vertical tapering upward shape, shows a focus on God. The glowing light around the church reflects the vision of the Cathedral Church to radiate goodness to its surroundings. The light blue color was chosen to represent the name of the patron saint of this church, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Taken to Heaven. The renewal of the identity of the Cathedral Church is also used to illustrate the spirit of changing times which is increasingly advanced but does not leave the basic values ??of the Cathedral church as a Catholic church.

The implementation of this identity change is also implemented starting from correspondence equipment, websites, and signage systems. We designed the signage that does not change the original appearance of the church but it is still visible to make it easier for visitors to find direction. This is because the Cathedral Church is a cultural heritage building and many local and foreign visitors come to this church. The basic forms of cement cast and black stained iron are used so that the design is in harmony with the basic shape of the church. A light blue acrylic plate was used as a marker. We designed custom icons to match the new logo shape. We designed signage based on its functions, information tools, directions, or warnings. This signage design is also adjusted to the renovation of buildings around the main building.

We designed the 2019 calendar with a new identity as an introduction of the new identity and showing off the rich historical details of the things inside the Cathedral church.


Year: 2019

Project: Branding of the Jakarta Cathedral Church

Branding gereja Katedral