Takokak Win's Tea Brand Identity & Packaging Design

The tea plantation is in Takokak village, which has specific weather, soil, and water, at the height of 1.200 m above the sea level, produced a specific flavor of the tea. Takokak’s tea had already known in the world for its special taste since 1906. Takokak location in the West Java area has a daily tradition to enjoy tea called “nyaneut”. This history becomes our inspiration to design the brand identity and packaging. The tagline “Indonesia Heritage Tea” perfectly explains the concept.

The concept for this product is a heritage West Java tea for today’s lifestyle. Illustration of a pair of local people enjoying tea becomes the focal point of these designs. We did some exploration of the illustration style that can represent the heritage in a modern way. We decided to use a poster style illustration with rich colors. We develop a pair of characters for each variant: jasmine tea, original blend tea, green tea, and vanilla tea. The character wears a traditional outfit on the front panel and back panel. When the packaging put on shelves, it will look connecting one to another; to show this tea can be enjoyed alone or with others.

We bring this heritage concept in a modern way. The illustration style and the layout are very clean with strong contrast colors as the background. Choosing the right color combination for the background and the character of these 4 variants is one of the challenges of this project. We pay special attention to the details of the clothes and the faces of the character to represent local people’s characteristics. Matte finishing is chosen to give a premium touch.