Kencana Energy Corporate Branding

Kencana Energy is a group of companies focused on the renewable energy industry. As part of the company's growth, Kencana Energy needs to go public, so they must have the right corporate identity to represent their company and gain the trust of investors.

We are inspired by the waves of water and electricity which is Kencana Energy's main business, from which we create unique and very dynamic logo symbols. The logo symbol represents a responsive company movement that understands changes and opportunities. The two harmonious pathways symbolize their mission to work together with stakeholders to achieve their vision of becoming a leading provider of sustainable energy in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

The word 'Kencana' means 'gold' in Indonesian. Gold represents a bright and prosperous future. We use this color combined with indigo colors that represent maturity, trustworthiness, and professionalism to run this business. We create special logotype with some details but are easy to read that accentuate the logo symbol. Together, they are creating a unique, elegant and distinctive identity.

To build a strong image, it is not merely just designing the logo. But it also has to do with how the brand communicates. Therefore we also design their website, company profile in movie and book version. With a thorough and consistent design, clear message, making their company easily recognizable and received as a reliable company.